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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeficiencyde‧fi‧cien‧cy /dɪˈfɪʃənsi/ ●○○ noun (plural deficiencies) [countable, uncountable] formal  1 NOT HAVEa lack of something that is necessary syn shortagedeficiency of a deficiency of safe play areas for childreniron/vitamin etc deficiency Some elderly people suffer from iron deficiency in their diet.2 FAULT/something WRONGa weakness or fault in somethingdeficiency in There are deep deficiencies in this law.
Examples from the Corpus
deficiencyThe sum of evidence is now too strong to justify further placebo controlled trials in communities with vitamin A deficiency.A deficiency of soil nutrients can cause the resulting crop to be disease-ridden and of very poor quality.One of the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency is extreme tiredness.Older women can suffer bone loss caused by estrogen deficiency.Women suffering from iron deficiency can take supplements in the form of tablets.Arkansas is a poor state, its deficiencies no measure of its virtue.They agree that yellowing needles are caused by magnesium deficiency.Therefore, magnesium deficiency rarely, if ever, occurs on a dietary basis alone.When centralized planning is used as the normal mode of economic control, a number of deficiencies loom into view: 1.Communities focus on capacities; service systems focus on deficiencies.Over 40% of rental housing contained structural deficiencies.This deficiency proved fatal when the dollar faced a prolonged confidence crisis in the early 1970s.iron/vitamin etc deficiencyI also found that I had a vitamin deficiency, and Anna-Lisa introduced me to vitamin supplements.Assuming the same thing happens in the gut, then a vitamin deficiency might make the yeast convert to the hyphal form.First, her blood showed an iron deficiency, and she showed signs of chronic-fatigue syndrome.In iron deficiency anemia complicated by other disorders which either increase serum iron or decrease the.The need for sigmoidoscopy in patients with obscure iron deficiency anaemia is contentious.Ten patients had died all unrelated to the iron deficiency anaemia.Critics say that could lead to vitamin deficiencies or possible long-term effects on health such as increased incidence of cancer.Crohn's disease is often associated with iron deficiency anaemia.
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