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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdefinitedef‧i‧nite /ˈdefɪnət, ˈdefənət/ ●●○ S3 AWL adjective  1 OBVIOUSclearly known, seen, or stated syn clear opp indefinite It’s impossible for me to give you a definite answer. We need to record sufficient data to enable definite conclusions to be reached. He’d shown definite signs of resigning himself to the situation.see thesaurus at certain2 CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYa definite arrangement, promise etc will happen in the way that someone has saidindefinite Fix a definite date for the delivery of your computer.3 CERTAINLY/DEFINITELY[not before noun] saying something very firmly so that people understand exactly what you meandefinite about She’s not definite about retiring from the game.
Examples from the Corpus
definiteIndeed, Maxwell showed that when the fields propagate as electromagnetic waves they actually carry definite amounts of energy with them.I don't know what time she's coming. She won't give me a definite answer.Mark's studies take a definite back seat to football.We have some statistics, but we really need something more definite before we can make any firm decisions.No other historical transformation has quite the same clear-cut and definite character.The city has finally given a definite date to replace the street light.They discovered a definite debt-death link: a relationship between interest paid percapita and decrease in life expectancy.Both Sally and John had definite ideas about how the new kitchen should look.Jacinta's report card showed a definite improvement in math.Six years had, after all, seen definite innovations in performance and safety.Dorosin said she doesn't have any definite plans for the future.Sometimes this means taking a very definite stand on certain issues, but it has to be done for both your sakes.The green on the twelfth has two very definite tiers and the pin was on the upper one.We have seen that a gas or vapour does not have a definite volume or shape.I've got a good chance of getting the job, but it's not definite yet.
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