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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdefinitelydef‧i‧nite‧ly /ˈdefɪnətli, ˈdefənətli/ ●●● S1 AWL adverb  CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYwithout any doubt syn certainly ‘Do you reckon Margot will be there?’ ‘Definitely not.’ The hotel fitness centre is definitely worth a visit. I definitely need a holiday.
Examples from the Corpus
definitelyIt is most definitely a thriller, but with strong romantic undertones.It would definitely be one of three teams, Sunderland, Bristol, or Coventry.And she had definitely been shaken by the arrival of that letter.It's definitely cold and flu season.Yet with all his hard work and, definitely, hers, too, he seemed hardly to make a living.They will definitely relate to customer service and product quality.According to the data, we can definitely say that pollution is increasing.It had taken 10 years for the states definitely to decide where they stood on the question of integration or association.The record should reflect that the witness definitely waved directly at the camera.They haven't released much, and certainly took their time making this one, but it was definitely worth it.Definitely notNo, she thought, definitely not a farmer.Gym teacher Susan Tyler, however, was definitely not amused.Judging by the chins on him, it's definitely not Diet Pepsi.It's a beauty - and definitely not just for the avid climber.This is definitely not my Grandmother's shrimp.But that is definitely not our intention.I was trying to distract people from the craziness in which we live; and definitely not point the finger at it.They both wished that Gran would hide her triple portrait: Annigoni was definitely not with it.
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