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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeformedde‧formed /dɪˈfɔːmd $ -ɔːrmd/ adjective  SHAPEsomething that is deformed has the wrong shape, especially because it has grown or developed wrongly deformed toe
Examples from the Corpus
deformedShe had survived polio, but her right leg was weak and deformed.Affected babies are small, deformed and brain damaged.The tight ranks wavered and melted before the driving spearhead, even though it was now sadly deformed and its speed slackened.Figuring out the structure of the deformed beds requires information about the geometric attitude or orientation of the beds at outcrops.The desert plants were strange deformed bushes with bizarrely twisted branches.a deformed footThis is the material description: we are following the particle Xi from its initial position to its deformed one.Remove any which are weak, deformed or diseased, concentrating on those which appear healthy.Babies are born deformed or with leukaemia.Their sense of inner emptiness and fear is projected outwards in deformed relationships and actions.Examine filthy battered weekend trousers and deformed suede shoes.
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