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defy description/analysis/belief etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdefy description/analysis/belief etcdefy description/analysis/belief etcDESCRIBEto be almost impossible to describe or understand The beauty of the scene defies description. defy
Examples from the Corpus
defy description/analysis/belief etcHis changeable features, his tones, gestures and expressions seemed to defy descriptions.Like the secret of Stradivari's varnish, this extra dimension defies analysis.Two other women lay upon the counter a pickle-bottle and a glass vessel of a kind which altogether defies description.It defies belief and makes you question exactly who the law is protecting here: the sick minds or their young victims?The dam defied description; it defied belief.His swerve was something that defied analysis; just as it defied attempts to counter it.Yet other species exhibit variation patterns that defy analysis of the sophistication of present-day biology.
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