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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdelectablede‧lec‧ta‧ble /dɪˈlektəbəl/ adjective formal  1 NICEextremely pleasant to taste or smell syn delicious Delectable smells rose from the kitchen.2 used, often humorously, to describe a very attractive womandelectably adverb
Examples from the Corpus
delectablea delectable chocolate souffleBut each pointed fruit has a delectable, intense wild strawberry flavor.That's a pity, since we lose a linking passage which contains delectable music.In fact, many gourmets consider pheasant and grouse to be the most delectable of all game birds.Then they loaded the purchases into the car, and went with free hands to view the delectable older parts of Comerbourne.This delectable recipe from her book can be served as an entree or alongside grilled fish or chicken.This is a cheerful work with a delectable slow movement and a finale which presages Papageno's music.Fried onions make the final delectable touch.
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