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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeliberatelyde‧lib‧er‧ate‧ly /dɪˈlɪbərətli/ ●●○ S3 adverb  1 DELIBERATELYdone in a way that is intended or planned He deliberately upset her.2 SLOWdone or said in a slow careful way He shook his head slowly and deliberately.THESAURUSdeliberately if you do something deliberately, you do it because you want toHe upset her deliberately.I deliberately kept the letter short.on purpose especially spoken deliberately, especially in order to annoy someone or get an advantage for yourselfI didn’t push her on purpose; it was an accident.intentionally deliberately, especially in order to have a particular result or effectVery few teenagers become pregnant intentionally.consciously /ˈkɒnʃəsli/ done after thinking carefully about what you are doing, especially because you know what the results of your actions might beParents pass their values to their children, though not always consciously.knowingly if you knowingly do something wrong or illegal, you do it even though you know it is wrongFBI agents arrested Dillon for ‘knowingly making a false statement on a passport application’.
Examples from the Corpus
deliberatelyPolice believe the fire was started deliberately.There were no signs that the fire had been set deliberately.Tom paused deliberately before continuing.The church had, of course, been put there deliberately both to use and to nullify the site of the previous religion.Teachers can not be dismissed for insubordination unless they willfully and deliberately defy school authorities or violate reasonable school rules.Rogers was dismissed from the army for deliberately disobeying an order.In that sense, it is deliberately idiosyncratic.I think he was deliberately ignoring me.Story then becomes revised into recitation or into a deliberately implausible sequence against which the narrative voice can play.He deliberately paused outside the door, forcing them to wait in frustration before they dared erupt into excited comment.Somebody deliberately released the brakes and headed the truck downhill.Very deliberately, Ricci slowly rotated it into the best position for nut-cracking.She left the letter there deliberately so that you'd see it.Did they - whoever they were - deliberately try to kill him?
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