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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeliberativede‧lib‧e‧ra‧tive /dɪˈlɪbərətɪv $ -bəreɪtɪv/ adjective formal  DISCUSSexisting for the purpose of discussing or planning something
Examples from the Corpus
deliberativeConsciousness, we may argue, comes into being when information is re-presented to a monitoring faculty under deliberative attention.There is a sense of all rational control or deliberation seeping away or being under much less deliberative control.The truth is that electors are not a deliberative group like representatives or senators.An informed public would prefer prudent, deliberative management.But this, being a deliberative move to impart false information, would be a reversion to the linguistic.The characterization of deliberative thinking as internal argument is a universal characterization.The rhetorical approach links the processes of thinking to those of argumentation, for it suggests that deliberative thought is internalized argumentation.
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