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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdelicatedel‧i‧cate /ˈdelɪkət/ ●●○ adjective  1 DIFFICULTneeding to be dealt with carefully or sensitively in order to avoid problems or failure There’s something I have to speak to you about – it’s a delicate matter. delicate negotiationssee thesaurus at difficult2 BREAKeasily damaged or broken syn fragile delicate hand-cut glass The sun can easily damage a child’s delicate skin.3 ILL old-fashioned someone who is delicate is hurt easily or easily becomes ill a delicate childsee thesaurus at ill, weak4 ATTRACTa part of the body that is delicate is attractive and graceful Her wrists and ankles were slim and delicate. her delicate features5 CAREFULmade skilfully and with attention to the smallest details a plate with a delicate pattern of leaves6 STRONG TASTE OR SMELLa taste, smell, or colour that is delicate is pleasant and not strong The wine has a dry delicate flavour. a delicate pinkdelicately adverb indelicate
Examples from the Corpus
delicateSabine sampled the soup, and found the flavour surprisingly delicate.Unfortunately they are not all able to survive in an aquarium and some of the most colourful varieties are the most delicate.The delicate blossoms resemble lace.Matched brass florets mark the corners of the three leather volumes that contain them, and delicate brass chains fasten their bindings.Troy was a delicate child who spend most of his time indoors.Clare was more active than her brother, who had always been a delicate child.The tea was served in delicate china cups.The story of that day unfolds in a way that is delicate, deliberate and emotionally telling.We need to be aware, however, that the school environment is a delicate ecosystem, highly sensitive to political whim.Salmon has quite a delicate flavour, and it should not be over-cooked.This soup has a marvellous, delicate fragrance and a slightly sweet taste.The delicate glasses had felt thick and awkward in her hands, soft as putty but covered in cutting edges.a delicate gold necklaceMrs. Archer extended her delicate hand.This must come by the delicate interaction of her own willed effort and the creative understanding which Hilton calls grace.I am seeking your professional advice on a very delicate matter.The fish was served with a delicate mushroom sauce.The delicate operation took more than six hours.The china has a delicate pattern of leaves.delicate pinks and bluesMadeline was wondering how to approach the delicate question of her salary with her new boss.The delicate scent of roses hung in the air.Mr Humphreys wife was delicate - the doctor was called in once or twice a week.delicate matterI hope they can throw some light on a very delicate matter?Let us settle these delicate matters between ourselves.Given that we have victims, we come to the delicate matter of breeding.delicate skinThe sun can easily damage a child's delicate skin.Stephen lurched and pushed against her, bumping painfully on her, grinding his pelvis into the delicate skin of her crutch.delicate featuresIt suited her diminutive stature and delicate features.The bronze strands hung over her arm like a curtain, a silken backdrop for her delicate features.Their athletic form and delicate features, reminiscent of classical heroes, were much admired.
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