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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdelicatessendel‧i‧ca‧tes‧sen /ˌdelɪkəˈtesən/ noun [countable]  SHOP/STOREa shop that sells high quality cheeses, salads, cooked meats etc
Examples from the Corpus
delicatessenThe organic food most commonly found in a delicatessen is cheese.Along the way he dropped into a delicatessen and picked up some sandwiches and sodas.Now Fungi Wild are available all year from Safeway and delicatessens.Many delicatessen foods should be eaten and appreciated just as they are, requiring no elaborate preparation or cooking.Instead, patronize brightly lit all-night delicatessens.Many continental fresh cheeses have now found their way to the supermarket shelves and to the specialist delicatessen.You should be able to find pancetta at any good supermarket delicatessen.Then it was usually delicatessen, a filled roll or some cheese or fruit, anything that could be gobbled up quickly.
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