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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdelightedde‧light‧ed /dɪˈlaɪtɪd/ ●●○ adjective  HAPPYvery pleased and happydelighted to do something Sandy will be delighted to see you.delighted (that) I’m delighted that we have settled the matter.delighted with/by/at She was delighted with her new home. I am delighted by the result. Her screams of delighted laughter filled the air.see thesaurus at happydelightedly adverbGrammarDelighted is not used with ‘very’. You say: I’m absolutely delighted. Don’t say: I’m very delighted.
Examples from the Corpus
delightedWhen she saw the new car, she was delighted.His parents were absolutely delighted about the baby.We were delighted, and at a convenient interlude she took me to a favourite uncle, an Air Vice-Marshal.Andrea was delighted at the chance to go to the Bolshoi ballet.Richard at that time was openly delighted at the prospect of posh motors.Paul McCartney staged a concert for 50,000 delighted fans.However, Major and his team were delighted on Wednesday night after meeting the new president for more than four hours.We are delighted that the negotiations have been completed successfully.I was delighted to hear you were getting married.I am delighted to say that we don't see any babies in this dream.I am delighted to see you.Mike Morley says we're obviously delighted with that decision.Jay was delighted with the compliment and intrigued to see inside Lucy's flat.delighted to do somethingIn other circumstances Ronni would have been delighted to chat with them.Mr. Forth I am delighted to confirm that we will do as my hon. Friend has asked.He's delighted to find my spirits high, my blood pressure low and that apart from the lumps, I remain asymptomatic.To think she'd once been delighted to have such a big house, such a long hall!The hon. Gentleman will be delighted to know that unemployment in the Holloway area has fallen since 1987.I am delighted to say that both previous Prime Ministers under whom I served are avid and enthusiastic collectors of that porcelain.The aforementioned Brecon Beacons National Park were, of course, delighted to support the new railway.
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