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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdelightfulde‧light‧ful /dɪˈlaɪtfəl/ ●○○ adjective  NICEvery pleasant a delightful little girl The whole house is delightful.see thesaurus at nicedelightfully adverb a movie that’s full of delightfully comic moments
Examples from the Corpus
delightfulPhil sent us this delightful centrefold of star columnists Rob Beattie and Ken Kessler.This delightful Chianti has complex black cherry and herb flavors.The Country Club has only recently been expanded to incorporate even more amenities ... a delightful children's pool.But at last the setting sun warned them the delightful day was over.His pleasant appearance and delightful manner conceal bad motives.This mediumbodied Chianti with pleasing black cherry and herb flavors would be a delightful match with grilled hamburgers.A simple salad and fresh bread can make a delightful meal.There's a delightful moment towards the end of the film, when they see each other briefly again.The principle was exactly the same and, because of its delightful simplicity, it was rapidly adopted.They make a delightful, spontaneously spellbound audience, to whom one could show history unfolding as if with a magic lantern.Their new house is delightful, very spacious and light.a delightful young man
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