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deliriumde‧lir‧i‧um /dɪˈlɪriəm/ noun  1 [uncountable]MI a state in which someone is delirious, especially because they are very ill Before she died she had fits of delirium.2 [singular, uncountable]EXCITED extreme excitement
Examples from the Corpus
deliriumWith the noise came a delirium.The headlights shot across the concrete columns in a delirium.Later that day she was hospitalized in a delirium brought on by polio.A warehouse for the furnishings of consumer delirium.Another hundred yards, down again, mumbling to himself in delirium.There are a few touches of delirium in Lecercle's text itself, as he would certainly be delighted to admit.The win brought on delirium among the fans.And in the delirium of recognising her power she felt protected, safe in his arms.
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