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deliver a speech/lecture/address etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeliver a speech/lecture/address etcdeliver a speech/lecture/address etcTALK/MAKE A SPEECHto make a speech etc to a lot of people The king delivered a televised speech to the nation on November 5.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say give a speech/lecture/talk rather than deliver a speech/lecture/talk. deliver
Examples from the Corpus
deliver a speech/lecture/address etcAll the staff of the company director delivered a speech.Mr Delors was at the London School of Economics, less than a mile away, delivering a lecture.But the spectre of delivering a speech brown-nosing the teachers jammed her imagination.Fidel Castro delivering speeches in the fields and plazas.It wasn't Rudy intention to play the role of the Gipper or deliver an address like Lincoln at Gettysburg.
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