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deliveryde‧liv‧er‧y /dɪˈlɪvəri/ ●●● S3 W3 noun (plural deliveries)  1 [countable, uncountable]TAKE/BRING the act of bringing goods, letters etc to a particular person or place, or the things that are brought Most Indian restaurants offer free delivery. You can expect delivery in a week to ten days. fresh milk deliveriesdelivery of deliveries of food and supplieson delivery (=when something is delivered) The restaurant pays cash on delivery for fish, which the local fishermen like.2 take delivery of something3 [countable]MB the process of giving birth to a childlabour Mrs Howell had an easy delivery. Liz was taken to the delivery room (=a room in a hospital for births) immediately.4 [uncountable]TALK/MAKE A SPEECH the way in which someone speaks in public You’ll have to work on your delivery.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + delivery free (=you do not pay extra for it)We offer free delivery anywhere in the UK.Delivery is free for purchases over £20.special/express delivery (=that delivers mail and packages very quickly)A brown package arrived by special delivery.next-day delivery (=happening on the next day)You have to pay extra for next-day delivery.recorded delivery British English (=when a record is kept of posting and safe delivery)I’d better send my passport by recorded delivery.mail delivery (also postal delivery British English)The strike stopped mail deliveries to 20,000 homes and businesses.parcel delivery British English (=a parcel that someone delivers to you)I’m expecting a parcel delivery later today.milk/fuel/pizza etc deliveryI gave the kids some money for a pizza delivery.delivery + NOUNa delivery date/timeThe normal delivery time is 7 – 10 days after you place your order.a delivery serviceWe try to maintain a high standard of delivery service to our customers.a delivery charge (=an amount of money you pay for delivery)There’s no delivery charge on goods over £20.a delivery note (=piece of paper showing the details of your order)A delivery note is sent along with the goods.a delivery truck (also delivery van British English)Just then a delivery truck stopped outside.a delivery man (=man who delivers goods to people)He got a job as a delivery man for a hardware store.verbsdo a deliveryWe usually do the deliveries in the morning.make a deliveryI’m afraid we don’t make deliveries on Saturdays.offer deliveryWe offer free, next-day delivery on all orders.have a deliveryWe've just had a delivery of tiles from Italy.accept/receive a deliverySomeone must be at home to accept the delivery.take delivery of somethingThe airline has just taken delivery of three new passenger jets.
Examples from the Corpus
deliveryAsk your neighbor to take any deliveries while you are on vacation.Meg was recovering from a particularly complicated delivery.She had a quick, easy delivery.Pizza Mondo offers free delivery.The actor gives his usual gruff delivery, meant to convince us he's honest.I mean, I was seventeen or eighteen and helping out in deliveries.mail deliveriesAt first sight, indeed, every civilization looks rather like a railway goods yard, constantly receiving and dispatching miscellaneous deliveries.Or pay extra for special handling or private delivery services.Efficiency is also sought in accurate invoicing and supply, regular deliveries and good reporting on outstanding orders.A hospital is usually the best place for a safe delivery.Bob had driven into the delivery yard after satisfying the man on the gate that he was on official business.That is what we seek to do, rather than adopting a defeatist attitude to the delivery of health care.J., says cord prices are flat with last year at about $ 115 with delivery.cash on deliveryPayment is to be made on a cash on delivery basis.Most people will offer something even if it is only a few percent for cash on delivery.If you have reservations only accept orders on the basis of cash on delivery.Terms of cash on delivery or advance payment should be instituted for future sales to consistently delinquent accounts.Cash with order or cash on delivery is always better than cash some time in the future.delivery roomThey never had to pay for a delivery room.Further money has been used to buy hand mirrors for each delivery room.I was shaved, given an enema, sent to shower and then directed to a bed in the delivery room.Mrs. Haims was rushed into the delivery room at 7:42.In Britain newborn babies are identified with name tags before they leave the delivery room.
From Longman Business Dictionarydeliveryde‧liv‧er‧y /dɪˈlɪvəri/ noun (plural deliveries)1[countable, uncountable] the act or process of bringing goods, letters etc to a particular place or personDeliveries to the restaurant should be made at the back entrance.a delivery chargeThey have just taken delivery of (=received) ten new American fighter jets. part delivery recorded delivery special delivery spot delivery2[uncountable]LAW when a seller officially hands over something, for example a document relating to property or shares, to a buyer see also advice of delivery, cash before delivery, cash on delivery, general delivery
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