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de‧liv‧er‧y S2 W3 plural deliveries
1 [uncountable and countable] the act of bringing goods, letters etc to a particular person or place, or the things that are brought:
Most Indian restaurants offer free delivery.
You can expect delivery in a week to ten days.
fresh milk deliveries
delivery of
deliveries of food and supplies
on delivery (=when something is delivered)
The restaurant pays cash on delivery for fish, which the local fishermen like.

take delivery of something

to officially accept something large that you have bought:
We expect to take delivery of the aircraft sometime in June.
3 [countable]MB the process of giving birth to a child [↪ labour]:
Mrs Howell had an easy delivery.
Liz was taken to the delivery room (=a room in a hospital for births) immediately.
4 [uncountable] the way in which someone speaks in public:
You'll have to work on your delivery.

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