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delusions of grandeur

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdelusions of grandeurdelusions of grandeurPROUDthe belief that you are much more important or powerful than you really are delusion
Examples from the Corpus
delusions of grandeurEven if social analysis is something which everyone does, those who engage in it professionally are still tempted by delusions of grandeur.No, the 42-year-old composer does not suffer from delusions of grandeur.At first sight it would appear that the world of hip-hop is suffering from delusions of grandeur.Once again, he was suffering from delusions of grandeur.Maybe I had delusions of grandeur.The classical progression is then to delusions of grandeur with absurd claims of past and present achievements.But these were delusions of grandeur.In the acute excitement stages, when delusions of grandeur, loquacity and hyperactivity prevail, the patients require physical restraint.
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