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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeluxede‧luxe /dəˈlʌks $ -ˈlʊks/ adjective [usually before noun]  GOOD/EXCELLENTof better quality and more expensive than other things of the same typeluxury a deluxe hotel The deluxe model costs a lot more.
Examples from the Corpus
deluxeUtell launched Summi International Hotels, a new consortium specialising in deluxe and five star hotels.It started with Lacroix and Mizrahi glorifying the humble parka by reinterpreting the shape in deluxe brocades and satins.a deluxe hotel roomWhen he stays out of town, he frequently checks into deluxe hotels that charge hundreds of dollars a night.Longman has published a deluxe, leather- bound edition of Johnson's Dictionary.Imagine watching Monday Night Football in a tiki atmosphere, a deluxe lounge with all the trimmings.The deluxe model comes complete with an in-car CD player and car-phone.Most are now gone, replaced by fleets of deluxe new megaships.Maybe the deluxe room gets you both air conditioning and a fully functioning shower.In a deluxe terrace suite, you can soak up the sights from your own outdoor Jacuzzi.
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