1 noun
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de‧mand1 S1 W1
1 [singular, uncountable]PE the need or desire that people have for particular goods and services:
Production is still increasing faster than demand.
demand for
the demand for new housing
huge/great/strong etc demand
There is a huge demand for new cars.
the growing demand for pasta in the UK
in demand
He was a successful lecturer, much in demand.
We rely on new sources of energy to meet demand.
supply and demand
2 [countable] a very firm request for something that you believe you have the right to get:
demonstrations in support of the nationalists' demands
demand for
their demand for higher salaries
demand that
demands that he should resign


[plural] the difficult, annoying, or tiring things that you need to do, or a skill you need to have
demands of
the demands of modern life
demands on
The curriculum makes great demands on the teacher.
There are heavy demands on people's time these days.
place/put demands on/upon somebody/something
the increased demands placed on police officers

popular demand

when a lot of people have asked for something to be done, performed etc
by/due to popular demand (=because of popular demand)
The exhibition will run for an extra week, due to popular demand.

on demand

formal whenever someone asks:
Should you feed your baby on demand, or stick to a timetable?

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