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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdemandingde‧mand‧ing /dɪˈmɑːndɪŋ $ dɪˈmæn-/ ●●○ adjective  1 DIFFICULTneeding a lot of ability, effort, or skill a demanding jobphysically/emotionally/intellectually etc demanding Climbing is physically demanding.see thesaurus at difficult2 NEEDexpecting a lot of attention or expecting to have things exactly the way you want them, especially in a way that is not fair Her mother could be very demanding at times.
Examples from the Corpus
demandingAnyway it would have been foolish to force some one into a life so demanding.First, customers are becoming more demanding.As a physiotherapist, Roebuck knew how painful, demanding and difficult the recovery period and rehabilitating process would be.a demanding bossThis outward looking emphasis does not stop with the clergy but is even more demanding for the bishops.Being a nurse in a busy hospital is a demanding job - you don't get much free time.a very demanding jobThese demanding on-site visits gave Pearl a better perspective on the tenders received.The airport was again reported closed on Nov. 22, with gunmen demanding payment to allow relief flights to land.More importantly, she continued to struggle with the increasingly demanding role of Mrs Hoffman.demanding jobHow far does the knowledge that the state will tax away high salaries deter people from entering high-earning and demanding jobs?He fits in his taxing training and competing schedule with a demanding job as captain of the Life Guards.Both are promoted to higher-paid but more demanding jobs involving greater time commitment and more stress and anxiety.It fails to recognize that child-rearing is both a vital and demanding job which deserves adequate remuneration.These women, often with family responsibilities of their own, do a heavy and demanding job with great generosity of spirit.
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