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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdemandsdemands[plural]DIFFICULT the difficult, annoying, or tiring things that you need to do, or a skill you need to havedemands of the demands of modern lifedemands on The curriculum makes great demands on the teacher. There are heavy demands on people’s time these days.place/put demands on/upon somebody/something the increased demands placed on police officers demand
Examples from the Corpus
demand ofThese conflicting demands of the two principles are something of which people are consciously aware.It would be unfair to make too many demands of the statements I have quoted.The four claim the current administration has not responded adequately to the fast-moving demands of a modern-day sport.Apparently, the flight attendant was too busy to respond immediately to the finger-snapping demands of the princess for more drinks.Cultivation: It does not make specific demands of the growing medium, and will even grow on just fine gravel.Teachers have always been constrained by the demands of examinations and the expectations of parents.Often such schemes unashamedly make vast concessions to the demands of the modern pub customer.
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