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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdemeanourde‧mea‧nour British English, demeanor American English /dɪˈmiːnə $ -ər/ noun [singular, uncountable] formal  BEHAVEthe way someone behaves, dresses, speaks etc that shows what their character is like his quiet, reserved demeanoursee thesaurus at behaviour
Examples from the Corpus
demeanourPicture his bleary expression, his fuzzy eyes, his baffled demeanour.When you mention Polly's ex-husband, her entire demeanour changes.Her demeanour late on that Sunday evening was drowsy and detached.Physically attractive and possessed of considerable personal charm, his demeanour was self-effacing, gracious and polite.He felt genuine awe at this superhuman man, at once so puissant, so self-possessed, so monomaniac in his demeanour.It was galling to her to observe his change in demeanour.When he was with close friends, he abandoned that somewhat starched public demeanour.I must admit I was impressed by Robert's demeanour.This was done by uniform, demeanour, and voice.
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