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Related topics: Psychology, psychiatry
dementedde‧men‧ted /dɪˈmentɪd/ adjective  1 CRAZYcrazy or behaving in a very strange way She was almost demented with grief.2 MP old-fashioned suffering from dementia
Examples from the Corpus
dementedWhoever committed these crimes was demented and sick.Like a demented cheerleader he pranced and hopped before dotting the ball down to the amusement of team-mate Will Greenwood.The demented crocuses were hauling themselves up out of the earth.Miss Dowd had been murdered in her cage by a demented mooch and her picture held a dreadful fascination for Rowena.I read somewhere that, in dreams, we all have the experience of being psychotic or demented or delusional.We have not yet even imagined some of the wicked purposes to which demented or profit-driven people will put it.There is no doubt that some depressed patients find more disturbed demented patients distressing.a demented sense of humorBut, with movies, I mean, I could get really demented with movies sometimes.
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