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demeritde‧mer‧it /diːˈmerɪt/ noun [countable]  1 formalGOOD POINT OR CHARACTERISTIC a bad quality or feature of somethingdemerit of The merits and demerits (=the good and bad qualities) of this argument have been explored.2 American EnglishSES a mark showing that a student has behaved badly at schoolmerit
Examples from the Corpus
demeritWith the particular merits and demerits of these proposals I am not here directly concerned.And Lord Hodson was concerned primarily with the substantive merits and demerits of the Bill, not with its legal technicalities.You get demerits if you miss a meeting or come late to dinner without calling beforehand.We sort of kept this demerit scoreboard for the last eight years, until we ran out of space.
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