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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdemographicsdemographics[plural] information about a group such as the people who live in a particular area the demographics of a newspaper’s readership demographic
Examples from the Corpus
demographicsthe changing demographics of Southern California
From Longman Business Dictionarydemographicsdem‧o‧graph‧ics /ˌdeməˈgræfɪks/ nounMARKETING1[plural] details of the type of people that make up a particular group, in particular their age, sex, and income. This term is used especially in marketing to talk about the groups of people who buy a particular productWhen we look at the demographics of book buyers and project forward the changes in these groups, there is room for growth.2[uncountable] the study of human populations and the way in which they change, used especially in marketing when thinking about which people might buy a particular productConsumer targeting has been made increasingly effective by developments in demographics and statistics.demographically adverbThe United States is changing demographically.
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