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demolition job

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdemolition jobˌdemoˈlition ˌjob noun [countable]  1 an act of criticizing someone severely or telling other people things about them which may be unfair or untrue, in order to harm them or to cause people to have a bad opinion of them He accused opposition leaders of doing a demolition job on the president.2 an event, especially a sports event, in which one person or team defeats the other one very easilydemolition job against Currie led the team with 55 points in the demolition job against Ireland.
Examples from the Corpus
demolition jobTrapped by the elements, menaced by the wildlife, this team-building exercise ends up being a demolition job.It was a demolition job from start to finish.Leinster did a similar demolition job on Llanelli and lost narrowly to the South-west Division.But Leeds completed their demolition job with a fourth 10 minutes from time.
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