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denden /den/ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 HBAthe home of some animals, for example lions or foxes2 a place where secret or illegal activities take place πŸ”Š corrupt gambling dens πŸ”Š a den of thieves3 SSCSECRETan enclosed and secret place where children play4 especially American EnglishDH a room in a house where people relax, watch television etc5 DH British English old-fashioned a small room in a house where people can work, read etc without being interrupted πŸ”Š Father retreated to his den.6 β†’ den of iniquity
Examples from the Corpus
denβ€’ Joyce explained to Paul in a very loud voice that her den was this way.β€’ The family moved on past their old den, over the bank and out of sight.β€’ an opium denβ€’ Fifteen men stood silent, with their heads bowed, moments before entering the lion's den.β€’ She was shaking with the cold, but the fire in the den had been irritating and overbearing.β€’ Instead, he said, they toted their shotguns inside the mansion, burst into the den, and emptied their weapons.β€’ They hoped for a home theater and a showcase kitchen blending seamlessly into their den.β€’ Skunks roll out of their dens in February or March and embark on a long prowl.
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