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denizenden‧i‧zen /ˈdenɪzən/ noun [countable + of] literary  HBan animal, plant, or person that lives or is found in a particular place
Examples from the Corpus
denizenAnd what makes it such an invigorating saga is his ability to let his idiosyncratic Broadway denizens talk for themselves.Many Hollywood denizens are businessmen who have been involved in politics for years.She had only a few harsh words, mostly for Hollywood and its denizens.The Daily News ran a poll the other day on the things that most annoy the local denizens.Humorous description of the appearance and the denizens of this slum area of London.It was as if they had landed on an alien planet, his fear that of awakening the denizens, giant and menacing.And evidence of the oxygen-starvation to which denizens of that lofty aerie are prey.Leisure World denizens drive them around golf courses, students around campus.
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