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denominatorde‧nom‧i‧na‧tor /dɪˈnɒməneɪtə $ dɪˈnɑːməneɪtər/ noun [countable] technical  HMNHMNthe number below the line in a fractionnumerator lowest common denominator at common denominator(2)
Examples from the Corpus
denominatorAD534 used as a divider, providing differential operation on both numerator and denominator Fig. 6.Using the condition, the denominator may be shown to be proportional to, which in steady state is strictly positive for.The total body water content, the denominator in that overall concentration term, is altered to achieve homeostasis.Such splitting is feasible if the polynomial on the numerator is of lower degree than that on the denominator.Numerator data are based on registration returns about child deaths, whereas denominator data are obtained from the 1981 census.
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