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dentistryden‧tis‧try /ˈdentəstri/ noun [uncountable]  MHthe medical study of the mouth and teeth, or the work of a dentist
Examples from the Corpus
dentistryThis surpasses amounts raised by such better-known parts of the University of Maryland at Baltimore as the schools of pharmacy and dentistry.She pictured his bare white chest, the fingers so thick and stubby for some one who made a living at dentistry.Darren's death was one of eight following dentistry between 1996 and 1999.But she decided that she was more interested in dentistry because she liked working with patients.Some of them were mature students studying medicine, dentistry, law, engineering.Examines the history of dentistry within the army.I was light-headed, too, and rapidly be-coming unfit to practice the exacting profession of dentistry.Maternity or dentistry is not usually covered.
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