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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdenunciationde‧nun‧ci‧a‧tion /dɪˌnʌnsiˈeɪʃən/ noun [countable]  DISAPPROVEa public statement in which you criticize someone or somethingdenounce
Examples from the Corpus
denunciationFrom his pulpit thundered the most extraordinary denunciations of violations and abuses.His prescriptions can only be inferred from his denunciations.His lengthy memos to elected officials and bureaucrats contain scathing denunciations of both past and present government practices.But he is angriest at and reserves his strongest denunciation for the intelligentsia, whom he accuses of sycophantic devotion to Yeltsin.To the degree that we accept such rituals without denunciation, we are colluding in the further subjugation of illiterate adults.
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