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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdependantde‧pen‧dant British English, dependent American English /dɪˈpendənt/ noun [countable]  NEEDDEPEND ON/RELY ONsomeone, especially a child, who depends on you for food, clothes, money etc
Examples from the Corpus
dependantHowever, you do not receive an increment for any week when you or a dependant are receiving another national insurance benefit.Also note that if your partner earns more than £21.40 the adult dependants increase will not be payable for her or him.Your life expectancy is another consideration, as is that of your partner and any dependants.She has no dependants and is now ineligible for advice and assistance.The employers pay the whole cost of the benefits for employees and their dependants.They would be able to claim benefit in their own right and for their husbands as their dependants.The word dependant will not be used in this way as a noun.
From Longman Business Dictionarydependantde‧pen‧dant /dɪˈpendənt/ British English, dependent American English noun [countable] someone, for example a child, who depends on you for money, food, clothes etcthe effect of the budget on a middle-aged mother who has dependants, a job, a mortgage, and a carthose who retire early to look after an elderly dependant
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