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dependencyde‧pen‧den‧cy /dɪˈpendənsi/ noun (plural dependencies)  1 [uncountable]NEEDDEPEND ON/RELY ON dependence drug dependency2 [countable]PG a country that is controlled by another countrycolony Britain’s Caribbean dependencies
Examples from the Corpus
dependencyPsychology rarely explores these theoretical difficulties and dependencies.The system incorporates many assumptions about family relationships and dependency.Finally, what looks like a determination to be patriotically self-reliant is simultaneously the opposite: the formalisation of complete dependency.She also overcame drug dependencies stemming from painkillers taken for her illnesses.He must already have begun to be aware that his dependency on alcohol was weakening his creative drive.Oral dependency has to be replaced by what the child can do for himself, on his own initiative.It would make possible the provision of vastly improved public services, while reducing dependency upon them.She suggested that dependency on cigarettes should be seen as another form of drug addiction.
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