1 noun
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de‧pos‧it1 W3 [countable]
1 a part of the cost of something you are buying that you pay some time before you pay the rest of it
deposit of
A deposit of 10% is required.
put down a deposit (on something) (=pay a deposit)
We put down a deposit on a house.
2 money that you pay when you rent something such as an apartment or car, which will be given back if you do not damage it
deposit of
We ask for one month's rent in advance, plus a deposit of $500.
3BFB an amount of money that is paid into a bank account [≠ withdrawal]
deposit into
I'd like to make a deposit (=pay some money) into my savings account.
4HEGHEG a layer of a mineral, metal etc that is left in soil or rocks through a natural process
deposit of
rich deposits of gold in the hills
5 an amount or layer of a substance that gradually develops in a particular place:
fatty deposits on the heart
6PPV an amount of money paid by a candidate in a political election in Britain, that is returned to them if they get enough votes
lose your deposit (=not get enough votes)

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