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depressedde‧pressed /dɪˈprest/ ●●○ adjective  1 a) SAD/UNHAPPYvery unhappy She felt lonely and depressed.depressed about Don’t get depressed about it. The divorce left him deeply depressed. I was depressed at the thought of all the hard work ahead. b) MPsuffering from a medical condition in which you are so unhappy that you cannot live a normal life patients who are clinically depressedsee thesaurus at sad2 FAILan area, industry etc that is depressed does not have enough economic or business activity Britain’s depressed housing market3 LESS formal a depressed level or amount is lower than normal a depressed appetiteCOLLOCATIONSverbsfeel depressedThe boy said he was unhappy at school and felt depressed.get/become depressedIf you get depressed, talk to someone about it.look/sound depressedIs Jo all right? She sounded a bit depressed.adverbsseverely/seriously depressed (=very depressed)He became severely depressed after losing his job.deeply depressed (=very depressed)I could see that she was deeply depressed.slightly/mildly depressedHe was exhausted and mildly depressed.a bit depressed British English spoken:I felt a bit depressed because I was so short of money.clinically depressed technical (=depressed in a way that doctors recognize as an illness)His medical records show that he was suicidal and clinically depressed.
Examples from the Corpus
depressedA lot of people eat too much when they're depressed.Greta often gets depressed about her weight.During the first day without her pills, Clare grew increasingly depressed and agitated.He was quite depressed and didn't know which way to turn.Symptoms of the illness include a depressed appetite.The market may be depressed, but aviation auctions are not a thing of the past!This paper describes Individual and Group Cognitive Therapy with depressed clients and cites two recent outcome studies.A lot of people get depressed in the winter, when the weather's bad and there's very little sunlight.Freud believed that the depressed person had developed from childhood with high dependency needs.My sister's been really depressed since she lost her job.My already depressed spirits sank a few notches lower.Most people enrolled in the food stamp program live in depressed urban areas.He used to long for his holidays and grow deeply depressed when they drew to an end.felt ... depressedShe was always there for me when I felt discouraged or depressed.Suddenly, as if Faith's misery had been transmitted through their touch, she too felt low and depressed.I had never considered running a small market as an option for my family, and I felt depressed about it.She slept badly and felt tired and depressed all day on Sunday even though she saw John briefly late in the evening.He felt vaguely depressed and lost.He felt depressed, and slightly bewildered.She sometimes felt depressed, and would ask her husband if he thought she would ever recover: he was always supportive.Tom imagined the worst some-times, especially at dusk when he felt more depressed than at any other time of day.
From Longman Business Dictionarydepressedde‧pressed /dɪˈprest/ adjectiveECONOMICS1an economy or industry that is depressed does not have enough manufacturing or business activityThe Swiss drug company was a major winner in an otherwise depressed sector as its yearly results provided welcome comfort for investors.help for companies suffering from the depressed economic climate2if the price of something is depressed, it is lower than normalThe timber was sold, albeit at prices depressed by the glut of timber on the market.
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