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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeprivationdep‧ri‧va‧tion /ˌdeprəˈveɪʃən/ ●○○ noun [countable usually plural, uncountable]  NOT HAVEthe lack of something that you need in order to be healthy, comfortable, or happy Sleep deprivation can result in mental disorders.social/economic/emotional etc deprivation Low birth weight is related to economic deprivation.deprivation of the deprivations of prison life
Examples from the Corpus
deprivationWhen I hear about deprivation and injustice in the world, I get up and change the channel. 71.There is therefore a clear relationship between deprivation and crime.Translated this means illiteracy, homelessness, hunger, deprivation and death.In each case the violation alleged by those attacking minimum wage regulation for women is deprivation of freedom of contract.An old-fashioned paper book for Ben - one he had specifically asked for - on sensory deprivation.It may be that that individual does not function normally as a consequence of the sensory deprivation.Sleep deprivation causes memory loss, paranoia, and other problems.A strong musical culture survived the deprivations of slavery.The deprivation had been the loss of her father, the constant loss of friends and contacts.Racism is a tragedy beyond socioeconomic deprivation; it speaks of the total deprivation of the church today.social/economic/emotional etc deprivationGiven their workload, cuddling or talking to children is a luxury, and emotional deprivation an inevitable outcome.Strategies to promote the nation's health should acknowledge the importance of material and social deprivation more explicitly.Conversely, throughout this period Government Ministers strenuously denied that unemployment and social deprivation were significant causes of urban unrest.Young and far from home, they suffer from emotional deprivation and severe isolation.It may lead to a considerable degree of social deprivation and a miserable existence for the families involved.The inclusion of measures of social deprivation is also poorly thought out.Complex and difficult lives are simplified into iconic statements of social deprivation.Despite many attempts to link drug use with social deprivation, the association is spurious.
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