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deputydep‧u‧ty /ˈdepjəti/ ●●○ noun (plural deputies) [countable]  1 MANAGER (also Deputy) someone who is directly below another person in rank, and who is officially in charge when that person is not theredeputy director/chairman/governor etc the Deputy Secretary of State2 SCLsomeone whose job is to help a sheriff in the US3 PGOa member of parliament in some countries, for example France
Examples from the Corpus
deputyRichard, 32, deputy manager of a sports centre, returned home to Leeds.Rose said the staffing level proposed by the sheriff would put 64 deputies on site with only 140 inmates.Since then, Michael has been deputy treasurer on several occasions and chairman once before in 1975.In addition to intuitive judgements a head, deputy and other colleagues need to make sense to outsiders.He became the deputy head of the FBI at the age of only 36.The deputy director is authorized to act in the director's absence.the deputy district attorneyThe deputy judge inferred that the deceased was seriously confused as to the extent of his assets.deputy director/chairman/governor etcDino Adriano, chairman of Homebase, became the Sainsbury's executive director in charge of Shaw's as deputy chairman.Three years later he was assigned to be deputy director of the Office of Space Systems and became its director in 1969.He became deputy chairman of the merged business.Shaikh Abdullah bin Said bin Abdul-Aziz al-Thani became deputy governor at under-secretary level.Sean O'Dwyer, deputy chairman of Desmond & Sons, has good reason to agree.He is deputy chairman and chief executive of.Jack Cowart, its deputy director and chief curator, believes in him especially.Mr Jones also was named deputy chairman for the coming year.
From Longman Business Dictionarydeputydep‧u‧ty /ˈdepjəti/ noun (plural deputies) [countable]JOB someone in an organization who is immediately below the rank of another important person, and who is officially in charge when that other person is not thereHe was appointed deputy chairman and managing director in 2006.the deputy leader of the Democrat Party
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