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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishderelictionder‧e‧lic‧tion /ˌderəˈlɪkʃən/ noun  1 dereliction of duty2 [uncountable]POOR the state of being derelict areas of industrial dereliction
Examples from the Corpus
derelictionFrom her point of view, failure to act would be a dereliction of governmental duty.To shift that burden to schools is a mistake, even a dereliction.The level of vandalism and dereliction should also be noted.More buildings were reclaimed from dereliction, more dormitories built for the resettlers flooding in daily, more facilities provided.Its dereliction over the past two years had been a constant topic of conversation.I wonder what my father would make of the River Rouge dereliction.Many parents, irrespective of class, must also stand condemned for similar dereliction of duty.industrial derelictionIt is striking how often nature thrives in the context of human negligence and industrial dereliction.
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