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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishderivationder‧i‧va‧tion /ˌderəˈveɪʃən/ AWL noun  [countable, uncountable +of] technicalCOME FROM/ORIGINATE the origin of something, especially a word
Examples from the Corpus
derivationTo determine the derivation of a sentence it is necessary to use a parsing algorithm.What is the derivation of the word "redshirt"?The inductivist account requires the derivation of universal statements from singular statements by induction.The left-handed side of the figure refers to the derivation of scientific laws and theories from observation that we have already discussed.The derivation of a particular label is often quite obvious.The derivation of criteria and issues related to describing performance are outlined.The derivation of the curve in Fig. 3 is beyond the scope of this textbook.The derivation of these models from theories of early speech development is clear.The theoretical derivation is based on a lattice treatment.
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