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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishderogatoryde‧rog‧a‧to‧ry /dɪˈrɒɡətəri $ dɪˈrɑːɡətɔːri/ adjective  DISAPPROVEderogatory remarks, attitudes etc are insulting and disapproving Their conversation contained a number of derogatory racial remarks.
Examples from the Corpus
derogatoryIn this context, there is an important distinction to be drawn between imputations which are derogatory and imputations which are defamatory.I didn't like the way he made derogatory comments about his colleagues.They are also incredibly diverse; there is little justification for derogatory generalizations.Nothing derogatory intended, no insult taken.The earthbound made derogatory jokes about empty cans, and turned their backs on the brash, glittering necklace of the night.But the picture she paints of women is nevertheless often a derogatory one.The derogatory remark that the rounder handles might strike the bench leg is uncalled for.I wish you wouldn't make derogatory remarks about members of my family.There is nothing derogatory to the teacher intended in such a suggestion.
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