de‧scrip‧tion S2 W2 [uncountable and countable]
1 a piece of writing or speech that gives details about what someone or something is like:
Berlin sounds fascinating from your description.
description of
The writer began with a description of the area.
The police have issued a detailed description of the missing woman.
an accurate description of the event
I checked my job description.
give/provide etc a description
The booklet gives a brief description of each place.
brief/short/full/complete description
Your insurance company will need a full description of the stolen property.
The guide gives a general description of the island.
fit/match/answer a description (=be like the person or thing described)
He matches the description of the attacker.

be beyond/past description

to be too good, bad, big etc to be described easily:
The death and destruction were beyond description.

of every/some/any etc description

also of all descriptions people or things of every type, some type etc:
People of all descriptions came to see the show.

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