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designer label

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdesigner labeldesigner labelclothes made by fashionable companies Fancy designer labels tend to come with fancy price tags to match. label
Examples from the Corpus
designer labelThey think that all designer label clothes are just expensive rip-offs.If the new range do as well Doc Martens will surely be established as Britain's best known designer label.Not that any amount of designer labels would or could reconcile her to the prospect of meeting Antoinette again.As for clothes, fashion consultant Barbara Thomas decided Norma had the poise and presence to carry off a sophisticated designer label.They are aware that designer labels are no passport to instant glamour and that designers tend to recycle the past anyway.Opposite the Cathay, one of the many new fashion emporiums is crammed with shoppers browsing the designer labels.
From Longman Business Dictionarydesigner labeldeˈsigner ˌlabelCOMMERCE a company that makes fashionable expensive clothes with its own well-known name on thema designer label such as Chanel label
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