Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: desperatus, past participle of desperare; DESPAIR2


des‧per‧ate W3
1 willing to do anything to change a very bad situation, and not caring about danger:
I had no money left and was desperate.
Time was running out and we were getting desperate.
the missing teenager's desperate parents
desperate with
She was desperate with fear.
2 needing or wanting something very much
desperate for
The team is desperate for a win.
I was desperate for a cigarette.
desperate to do something
He was desperate to get a job.
3 a desperate situation is very bad or serious:
4 a desperate action is something that you only do because you are in a very bad situation
desperate attempt/bid/effort
a desperate attempt to escape
We resorted to desperate measures.
desperate battle/struggle/fight
a desperate struggle to rescue the men

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