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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdesperatelydes‧pe‧rate‧ly /ˈdespərətli/ ●●○ adverb  1 SERIOUS SITUATIONin a desperate way The doctors tried desperately to save her life. He looked round desperately for someone to help him.2 VERYvery or very muchdesperately want/need The crops desperately need rain.desperately poor/ill/tired etc He was desperately ill with a fever.desperately unhappy/lonely/worried etc
Examples from the Corpus
desperatelyRobyn put the bottle to her lips again - defiantly, desperately.Back-country life in the cabins was desperately lonely, harsh, and violent.She needed desperately to be alone for a little while - to think.Lori wanted desperately to have a child.We're desperately trying to avoid laying off people.Retching, vomiting and desperately trying to rub its face clean, the animal learns a lesson it never forgets.Following them, Mr Kinnock looks desperately vulnerable.But before that happens, she desperately wants a decent game.tried desperatelyI tried desperately hard not to reveal my true thoughts but palpably failed.She tried desperately hard to be all things to everyone, and ultimately it killed her.She could hear cars and lorries swooshing past and tried desperately to call for help but she had no breath.She retched and failed, squeezed, tried again, tried desperately to choke out the stodge that blocked her.The day before he died he tried desperately to communicate something to me.Some plantation families tried desperately to maintain their traditional lifestyle by pretending they still had slaves.She had tried desperately to think of a reason for not going which her boss would accept.Burying his face into the warm living darkness of Wolf's fur, he tried desperately to wall away the sickening pulse.desperately want/needA child of Svetlana had desperately needed a bone marrow transplant.With the Western powers and the former Communist centers now great pals, the alliance desperately needs an enemy.Castleford desperately need Coyne to lift their fortunes after three opening defeats.Suddenly she desperately wanted him to know the truth.She desperately wanted his last article published.We think she desperately wants to be friends with you.The world today desperately needs to build communities of love and peace.A physiotherapist who had a thriving practice desperately wanted to make a dramatic career change by becoming an author.
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