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despite yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdespite yourselfdespite yourselfDESPITEALTHOUGHif you do something despite yourself, you do it although you did not intend to Liz realized that, despite herself, she cared about Edward. despite
Examples from the Corpus
despite yourselfStudied her lips, despite myself.Violet, trapped or captured, was despite herself enthralled by it all.Buxton, perhaps despite himself, grew anxious not to alienate Tory support, even if that meant silencing more liberal voices.The mood was contagious, and despite myself I started grinning mindlessly.Frome was being catapulted, despite itself, perhaps, into the world of the new century about to dawn.Jessie realized that, despite herself she cared about Edward.She heard the sharp intake of his breath and desire flared out of control so that, despite herself, she responded.Impressed despite herself, Tabitha watched him closely.
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