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ldoce_067_edessertdes‧sert /dɪˈzɜːt $ -ɜːrt/ ●●● S2 noun [countable, uncountable]  DFFsweet food served after the main part of a mealfor dessert What are we having for dessert?
Examples from the Corpus
dessert"Would you like a dessert, Madam?" "Yes please, I'll have the cheesecake."One reporter might work on an appetizer, another on a main course, and a third on a dessert.Tip: Have the chef make up a dessert sampler platter.I prefer serving cold started and desserts because then all the food can be put outside at once buffet style.I had fruit salad for dessert.For dessert, there are nearly a dozen choices.But they will select dishes absolutely swimming in butter or choose cheese instead of dessert.Even when refined sugar is combined with refined flour to make cakes or desserts, the chewing required tends to be minimal.A ravishing dessert tray is proffered after every meal, and selections range from fruit-inspired sweets to insulin-overdrive chocolate concoctions.Set aside four orange segments, for decorating the dessert before serving.for dessertWhat's for dessert , Mom?
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