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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdestinydes‧ti‧ny /ˈdestɪni/ ●●○ noun (plural destinies)  1 [countable usually singular]FUTURE the things that will happen to someone in the future, especially those that cannot be changed or controlled syn fatesomebody’s destiny Nancy wondered whether it was her destiny to live in England and marry Melvyn.see thesaurus at future2 [uncountable]RFRO the power that some people believe decides what will happen to them in the future She always had a strong sense of destiny.
Examples from the Corpus
destinyHowever Portia is not content to leave her destiny in such a way.Susan wondered whether it was her destiny to marry Jorge and live in Mexico.It was a country that he had no control over its destiny and needed the world's attention.Hearing once more the call of destiny, Teclis volunteered to go to the aid of mankind.The government wants to give people more control over their own destinies.They assert that the destiny of the soul is related to the activity of the soul during its habitation in the body.They tinkered with the destiny of many species, on land and in the ocean.The destiny of man is not separated from the destiny of the world.This destiny, however, is created entirely by recent history.sense of destinyWhat a sense of destiny he had, locked in the miniature room, creating a design, a network of connections.With a sense of destiny, I leaned forward and tapped upon it with an invisible finger.A sense of destiny, or mirrored fate.In this it occasionally ran up against other states with their own sense of destiny.MacArthur was spurred on by a strong sense of destiny and ambition.
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