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detach yourself from somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdetach yourself from somebody/somethingdetach yourself from somebody/somethingSEPARATEto try to be less involved in or less concerned about a situation Doctors have to detach themselves from their feelings. detach
Examples from the Corpus
detach yourself from somebody/somethingIn order to do her job during the war, she detached herself from her feelings.My muscles went limp; my skin melted into a buttery ooze; my head detached itself from my body.Alex detached himself from the crowd and came towards them.When thoroughly replenished it would detach itself from the socket and renew its adventures across the floor!If you wished to detach yourself from the soul of Salomon Brothers, London was the only place to go.Wynne-Jones detached himself from the supporting arm and came over to Tallis.It detached itself from the thicket and reached rose-thorn fingers into the hard earth.One of the undulating shapes detached itself from the wall and advanced towards the shining executioner as though blind to its danger.
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