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detachedde‧tached /dɪˈtætʃt/ adjective  1 EMOTIONAL#not reacting to or becoming involved in something in an emotional way opp involved Try to take a more detached view.detached from He appeared totally detached from the horrific nature of his crimes.detached way/manner She described what had happened in a cold and detached manner.2 TBB especially British English a detached house or garage is not joined to another building semi-detached
Examples from the Corpus
detachedWitnessing all the pain and suffering, it is sometimes difficult for relief workers to remain detached.You'll never be a good lawyer until you learn to be more detached.He felt detached, almost remote.Much of the critical antipathy towards the Reeve derives from the ingestion of such prejudice as opposed to detached examination of it.From their judicious distance they watched in silence, with detached interest.They sat there drinking coffee and looking at the Glovers with detached interest.We are able to remain detached observers of life.Wheeler sings in a detached, passionless way.If the caption does become detached the finder can see at a glance what it is.We lived in a detached three-bedroom house on the edge of the town.detached fromPerhaps people feel detached from the war because of the technology involved.
From Longman Business Dictionarydetachedde‧tached /dɪˈtætʃt/ adjectivePROPERTY a house or garage that is detached is not joined to another building on any side
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