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detail somebody to (do) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdetail somebody to (do) somethingdetail somebody to (do) somethingPMTELL/ORDER somebody TO DO somethingto officially order someone, especially soldiers, to do a particular job Four soldiers were detailed to guard duty. detail
Examples from the Corpus
detail somebody to (do) somethingPlease refer to the individual hotel descriptions for full details.You see everybody casts their tuppence worth into the pool but nobody details the route to a better future.Emotional difficulties aside, a lot of big practical details needed to be attended to all at once.And once selected, what point of view and details are to be included?The details add much to his family portrait.You also have to put enough detail in to make the people real, but don't dally with subsidiary characters.On some issues he gave details of steps to settle the debate.Its surface is carved in some detail and lettered to show the continents and oceans.Vance, you're detailed to the night watch.
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