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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdetailedde‧tailed /ˈdiːteɪld $ dɪˈteɪld/ ●●● W2 adjective  1 DETAILcontaining or including a lot of information or detailsdetailed description/account/analysis etc a detailed study of crime in Seattle More detailed information is available on request.2 having a lot of decorations or small features that are difficult to produce syn intricate a beautifully detailed carving
Examples from the Corpus
detailedAs a result the law relating to local government had become very detailed.Her biography is clear, detailed, and illuminating.Furniture makers produced beautifully detailed chairs.Other studies will be based on detailed comparisons of returns for the Censuses of Production for each country.The police have issued a detailed description of the man they are looking for.There they were to leave commissioners, forty picked by each brother, to work out a detailed division of the heartlands.It contains a number of detailed examples of such work throughout the primary age range.Ticket wallet containing your detailed itinerary, luggage labels, travel information, etc.detailed lesson plansDo you have a more detailed map of the area?George worked from detailed plans, drawings and photographs of the Fort, employing a scale of 1:300.Neither found Darwin's detailed theory of adaptive evolution very useful.As set out below, more detailed valuations will be undertaken for actual targets at subsequent stages in the deal process.detailed description/account/analysis etcAccordingly, two entire trials for each pairing were subjected to detailed analysis.The mass is assumed to be inactive politically and is rarely subjected to detailed analysis.No attempt will be made to give a detailed account and appraisal of logic here.Thurlow concentrates on vividly detailed description of his races, mostly in the style of the time.By accepting such a limitation in application domain it is possible to achieve much more detailed analysis of the text.More detailed analysis of this as it affects the experience of old people is developed inPart Six.Write a detailed account of what happened during that period of the activity.
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